cute date ideas:

  • follow birds around
  • talk to birds
  • draw birds together
  • go to the zoo to look at the birds
  • go shopping and buy shirts with birds on them
  • birds


honestly what the hell

Update: he found his berries





Is this from GTA 5 or something?

But nooooooo, how can anyone want to get rid of penis-shaped foods!?!?
In the words of the movie Superbad, do you know what kinds of foods are penis-shaped? THE BEST KIND!

That means no corn dogs, no hotdogs, no pickles, no bananas, no popsicles, no lollipops, no sub sandwiches, no kebabs, no butternut squash, no cucumbers, no carrots, no mushrooms, no eclairs, no sausages or salamis, no wraps, or quesadillas or burritos or tamales (my personal fave).

And none of these wonders…


It’s from Goat Simluator.


So, real talk for a second guys

If you ever accidentally call 911, DON’T HANG UP.  Stay on the line and tell the calltaker that you accidentally dialed.  When you hang up, we either have to call you back or send out police which takes up valuable resources and wastes money.  A simple “It was an accident” is all we need and everyone goes about their life much better


emma’s career after harry potter


everyone else’s career after harry potter


ffinicks: whatissweeter:

I’m at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged or having babies, and the other half are too drunk to find their phones.

in which the curse really gave Emma her best chance…